Even the most driven Real Estate Agents occasionally experience a slump and need a boost to regain their normal motivation levels.

It is well known that motivated agents are happier, more energetic, more enthusiastic, more productive, more driven and better performing than their unmotivated peers. Principals are always on the lookout for motivated individuals and realise that motivation is often contagious and has a positive spill over effect on the whole team. Below are my 7 methods to stay motivated at work and enhance performance.

Be specific with your plan of attack

Nothing is more demotivating than working haphazardly without having a clear vision, mission and set of objectives for what you are doing. Without a plan of attack and knowledge of how your work impacts the big picture, you may end up spending a lot of time on urgent unimportant matters rather than tasks that positively impact the big picture. Be specific with your vision, mission and objectives, and focus on them with the end goal in mind. It is remarkable what you will achieve once you can really focus on precise goals.

Establish a path for achieving your goals

Once you have clarified your vision and goals, formulate a detailed strategy for getting there. Chart your progress on a regular and ongoing basis. Break down large complex activities into a series of manageable tasks that are interesting and achievable. Having a blueprint for success that is composed of clear, sensible milestones and achievable, interesting tasks will greatly simplify your daily routine. It will also give you a feeling of control over your work and deadlines which largely boosts motivation. The more organised you are, the less likely you are to fall into a fit of panic or insecurity.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself as you achieve your targets and/or reach specific milestones. Plan what form this reward will take and what results will be rewarded. This will give you something to look forward to, extra drive to get there and a surge of enthusiasm when you do attain your desired goals.

Keep things in perspective

It is important to keep things in perspective and always remind yourself of why you love this amazing industry. Beside the pay, it is often about realising your potential, feeling alive and useful, feeling connected, making a difference in the world, expressing creativity, expanding your skills and abilities, helping others and contributing to the community. List the reasons you entered the field you are in and when times are tough, remind yourself of why you are in the industry. Also remind yourself that work is work and that you have a life outside of the office.

Have a healthy work/life balance

It is very easy to lose yourself and forget what awaits you outside of the work environment. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential both for your general motivation level and your overall wellbeing. Make sure you take the time to do the things you like to do outside of work, whether it be connecting with friends and family, exercising, reading, taking courses, shopping or other hobbies and activities that channel your creativity and energy. Having something to look forward to after work will see you through moments of drudgery when your motivation and energy levels are not as high as they could be. This will also make you a more productive team member.

Embrace positivity in your life

Negativity is a contagious affliction that drains you of energy, slows you down, saps your enthusiasm and blinds you to the reasons you work. Avoid negative feelings at all costs and concentrate on the positive. To do this, listen to motivational podcasts, to music that particularly inspires you, read motivational books, talk to inspired or inspiring people, surround yourself with positivity and concentrate on your passion. Find things to laugh at as long as you are not laughing at your peers and count your blessings at every opportunity.