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We are passionate about the industry and helping our clients be the best they can be by getting the best out of their team and business.

Why you should use Real-iQ - property management consultants:

  • 50 years industry knowledge combined
  • our sole focus is the property management industry
  • our expertise and passion is for the industry
  • our network and connections within the industry, and
  • our desire to help create an industry we are all proud to work in.

David Faulkner is one of the most popular personalities within the Property Management industry throughout New Zealand and his passion for the industry shines through. He is an industry leader working with REINZ and the NZ Realtors group. With over a decade of experience within the industry, David has done it all, from hands-on Property Management to leading a team of over 40 Property Managers. David has also overseen a number of rent roll acquisitions and is an expert in this field.

Real IQRent Roll

When I first started my own Rent Roll, I started looking for a trainer or mentor to teach me how to get started.  Someone who had made all the mistakes and knew the tricks to save time, money and stress.  But I found that there was NO ONE I could go to, to learn how to start a rent roll from scratch.  I was desperately seeking a coach to guide me through this journey and I couldn’t find one.  There were so many decisions to be made, and no one to help me figure it out.  So, I did it all alone, and figured it out myself.  I made all the mistakes in the book and cost myself many a sleepless night.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping new Rent Roll owners (that’s anyone who has fewer than 100 properties) on how to start their own Rent Rolls quickly, easily and stress free, so that you don’t have to make all the mistakes I made and you have support along the way

Ellen Bathgate, Founder, Rent Roll Starter

Real IQPMT Academy

The Property Management Training Academy is a one-stop property management training and coaching solution that streamlines rental divisions through a broad range of services including training, mentoring, auditing and more.

In the property industry, Kasey is synonymous with Property Management excellence. Having started her career in real estate industry in the late 1990s, she has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded Property Management Consultants across Australia, New Zealand and the US. With a reputation built on professionalism and bottom-line results, she is trained in Best Practice Systems and can revolutionise and streamline internal property management procedures to encourage steady growth and better profitability. Kasey has introduced better practices, training and system implementation to more than 150 real estate offices around the globe. Her ongoing support, training, auditing and re-structuring strategies promote increases to bottom-line profits and efficiencies in poorly performing offices. From her experience as a real estate business owner herself, she has a thorough understanding of the key operations for any successful real estate business. Kasey has the experience and results to equip business owners with the tools they need to efficiently run their real estate business for better future profitability. As the director of the Property Management Training Academy, Kasey assists some of the country's leading real estate groups and is a sought-after keynote speaker both here and abroad including New Zealand and the USA

ThinkRed Recruitment

ThinkRed Recruitment

At ThinkRed Recruitment, we are passionate about setting our talent up for success in their real estate and property careers. We place a large focus and emphasis on professional development and training, skills assessments, mental health programs, empowering women in property initiatives and induction programs for property management professionals that are exclusive to ThinkRed. Our approach to recruitment is relationship-based, where we nurture our Principals, real estate and property professionals all year round and then align them with relevant opportunities as they present themselves.

Australian Buyer NetworkAustralian Buyer Network

Australian Buyer Network is a community that connects real estate professionals together to offer better solutions for property buyers and investors.

ABN works closely with buyers to assist with providing recommendations and establishing partnerships with industry professional’s including BDMs & Property Managers, Selling and Buyer Agents, Property Advisers and Financial Planners and various other service providers who aim to remove the stress out of buying and investing in property.

When investing in property ABN offers various strategy options to cater to every investor’s specific needs and requirements. Property Managers and Business Development Managers who refer investors benefit by knowing these investors will be directed  back to them as new clients once they have secured their ideal investment property.

Click Here  if you are opting to register new investors looking at buying or seasoned ones that are keen on reinvesting 

Agent DynamicsAgent Dynamics Recruiting Solutions

Agent Dynamics profile testing identifies the innate talents that individuals will bring to a team and provides a pathway to integrate them into the most appropriate roles. It will highlight their natural strengths and their challenges enabling managers to facilitate better communication, improved performance and increase productivity.

Over 900 Principals, Agents and Property Managers have undertaken profile testing and are using it across all aspects of their business particularly when recruiting and in both team and self-development.

Agent Dynamics Recruiting Solutions – ADRS

ADRS is a unique, 5 Step recruiting solution that utilizes Agent Dynamics profiling to vastly increase your chances of attracting, interviewing and selecting the best candidate each and every time. Profile will disclose who they really are and not who they would like to be at the interview.

We work with you each step of the way to ensure that you get the candidate who stays engaged, stays committed and stays on the team.

Not only will you be gaining the most suitable team member, but we will do it for a fraction of the cost of existing recruiting models.

Agent Dynamics as the most trusted psychometric profiling tool available to our profession today.

To find out more contact Julie on 1300 171 698