In this 6 week acceleration program we take the time to educate the BDM’s on how a profitable department is run, the type of income producing activities they need to implement and as part of our coaching program.  We take them on a journey and teach them the areas they should focus on to have consistent referrals and how to become Investment Property Specialist. Our past challengers confirmed having a mentor ask you the right questions and provide accountability, gave them the push they needed to make it past the action phase and create positive daily rituals.  

Does this sound familiar?

“I never have time”

“I’m getting pulled back into the PM Department”

“I just want to prospect and make my calls”

“I just want to achieve my rent roll growth targets”

“I’m in fear of being told no or I’m just not interested”

Most of these comments come from not having an established routine and the wrong mindset. So, don’t let fear or negativity hold you back and sign up for our 6 week program today!

This Coaching Program is for people who want:

  • More confidence, focus and direction
  • Better perspective on the role of BDM
  • Increase in rent roll growth productivity levels
  • Encouragement to change negative behaviours
  • Resources to help prioritise the income producing activities that will take them to the next level

This Coaching Program includes:

  • 6 week accountability plan (this template will guide you through the role of BDM in a step by step process. It is designed to take new and experienced BDM's on a journey and help them refine what they do daily)
  • 1 x weekly call over the 6 week period (pre booked appointment with mentor to ensure you are on track and help accountable)
  • Unlimited access and support during the 6 weeks
  • Access to our members area and resource library to give you a taste of our ongoing membership
  • Copy of our Book and Training DVD "Real Estate Business Development Grow Your Rent Roll" valued at $147.00

Total Investment:

Upfront $850.00 (saving of $50 AUD) or six instalments of $150 per week. With the first being paid prior to commencement, you can start at any time and select your preferred day for your 6 coaching calls.

For alternative payment options download the form and email to

Total Investment:

$850.00 AUD