The 52-week transformation

Do you ever look back over the last 12 months and say to yourself, “I could have done more.”? If the answer is “Yes”, then it’s time to make a change today and take control of how you will approach 2019.

What if I told you that you could have anything you want in your career if you were prepared to do one thing? All you have to do is focus on ONE key strategy each week for the next 12 months and your year will be even bigger and better than you could ever imagine!

You can have everything you want if you are prepared to choose you. I don’t mean that you should be completely selfish and knock people down as you make your way through the process. I mean you should be focusing on what you yourself can do to make a change. You need to be prepared to ask yourself the tough questions each week and review your daily habits so that you can make sharp changes when required.

Here are the steps to help you get the most out of the next 12 months. Embrace each step in the order that works best for you and know that the only way to grow is jump out of your comfort zone.

  1. Clarity & Focus – be clear about where your career is heading. Having clarity and focus are vital. To achieve success, you must write down your goals and targets.
  2. Invest time in you – allocate 30 minutes each day into personal development and education.
  3. Believe in yourself – back yourself 100% and be the best BDM you can be. Make a commitment to providing exception service to your clients. 
  4. Bottom line – know your bottom line and negotiation power.
  5. Life outside work – Create positive working habits and take time for a break.
  6. Ask yourself the tough question – every Friday ask yourself “have I moved forward in my career this week?”
  7. Eat that frog – have you found yourself procrastinating over difficult decisions? Being indecisive is more damaging then making a wrong decision.
  8. Why? – Why should a client choose your agency? If you can’t answer this question, perhaps your potential customers can’t either.
  9. Outsource – remove duties that are impacting your skillset and taking you away from your passions.
  10. Review your competitors – don’t stalk your competition. Research them. Try and find weaknesses in what they do to use as frequently asked questions in your marketing/listing appointment.
  11. Investment property specialist – Become good at telling people about your career and the agency. Passion = Profit
  12. Prospecting is like a rubber band – The funny thing, is we know what we need to do, but for some reason, we allow fear to hold us back from opportunities.
  13. Never assume – Never assume your clients understand the product and service you are selling 100%.
  14. You have had a slow month – When appraisals are slow, you need to multiply your prosecting and promotion activities. The time you put in today will create the opportunities for tomorrow.
  15. Industry knowledge – if you want to be the industry expert, you need to be prepared to invest the time and continue to educate yourself.
  16. Embrace change – Be brave enough to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, new ideas, new products, new service, new everything!
  17. Light bulb moments – make sure you have a note book or mobile device around to capture the flashes of inspiration.
  18. Integrity – make sure the entire team always acts with the highest levels of integrity.
  19. Surround yourself with legends – No matter how tough times are, moaning won’t change the situation. Surround yourself with positive, energetic and enthusiastic people.
  20. The clock is ticking – as we all know, customers hate waiting for even a couple of minutes. Take the time to think about what you can do to speed up and provide a more efficient service.
  21. Next holiday – it’s always best to have a holiday booked in advance as it helps to give you something to focus on and work towards.
  22. Have a client’s release discussion with the team – review and release any client’s that are putting your business at risk, impacting your team’s mental health and costing your agency money.
  23. Give back to your community – Try and commit to anywhere from 3 to 5 events each year and get the team involved.
  24. Track your success – If you are a visual person, make sure it is up in front of you and regularly in your face.
  25. Never stop having fun – smile and encourage the team to get involved.
  26. Mistakes are an important part of growth – Understand that it is ok to make mistakes. If you want to stumble onto that million-dollar idea, you must try new things.
  27. Show your customers appreciation – all your clients have a choice and they have chosen you based on a recent experience.
  28. Believe in your product and team – Don’t be scared to charge what you are worth and be prepared to let go of prospective landlords that expects you to go below the agencies bottom-line.
  29. The listing presentation is my stage – many agents miss the opportunity to ask the right questions and let the prospective landlord run the meeting. Ask “what has been your recent experience in buying, selling or leasing property?” and “what is most important to you when selecting an agent to manage your investment property?”
  30. Enter awards – even if you don’t win, it is a great opportunity to reflect on your career. You can see where you have come from and where you are right now.
  31. Active listening – practice active listening with every client you interact with over the next week.
  32. Add value – It’s easy to discount to try and get the new listing, but for the agency, it is far better if you add value instead. Where necessary, let the prospective landlord have a cheeky win.
  33. BDM buddy month – take the time to connect with other BDMs in the industry and share recent experiences. You can use this opportunity to have extra accountability and know that you are speaking with someone who is experiencing the same pain points.
  34. Mystery shop – organise a friend to mystery shop your agency and individual team members.
  35. Moment of truth – where do most of your leads come from? Are they business generated, or have you generated them organically? 
  36. Disconnect from social media – give your brain a rest and use this time to think clearly without all the other clutter going on around you.
  37. Connect with professionals – list companies you would like to have contact with and build referral pod relationships.
  38. Network & connect – Connect and network with people that have the same drive and passion as you do.
  39. Office appearance – Does your agency need some tender loving care? A coat of paint, some new furniture or new uniforms will reinvigorate your agency and team.
  40. Good news stories – share your success stories in a way to educate other clients that maybe interested in experiencing your service.
  41. Consistency & automation on social media – do you have pre-prepared content? Do you plan out your social media 30 days in advance? Are you posting regularly?
  42. Put yourself in their shoes – When you are faced with a really difficult customer, stop and put yourself in their shoes. Empathy is a powerful tool!
  43. Silent prospecting – prospecting and promotion is not about how much time you spend, it is about how much effort you put into the activity.
  44. Success stories – ask for the feedback and share it on your website and on social media portals where you have review options.
  45. Remove obstacles – do you make it easy for landlords to choose your agency or do you allow obstacles to get in the way?
  46. Performance review – get comfortable and ask your team members how they are going and ask them to review your performance.
  47. What makes your agency unique – “why are you the most expensive when you seem to offer the same as everyone else?” What are your top five qualities that get them thinking and back in the zone of selecting your agency to manage their property.
  48. Exceptional communication –even if you don’t have the answer in the expected timeframe, keep the door of communication open. Don’t hide.
  49. Follow up – this is a daily activity that will continue to build your prospecting pipeline if you are prepared to invest your time.
  50. Review your connection time – you should be spending 80% of your time in client meetings or on the phone, and 20% of your time managing administration. Don’t allow daily emails and office chit chat consume your time.
  51. Reward yourself – the journey of BDM is one wild ride, so make sure you celebrate the wins and don’t put all your energy into the negative outcomes.
  52. Remember why your started – be grateful every day and know that you are working in one of the most diverse and rewarding industries that only very few can say they have had the exciting opportunity to experience.

There you have it. 52 Steps for 52 weeks. Let’s make the change today so that 2019 can be your best year yet!