I met Tara when she was only in the beginning of her real estate career. I could see that she had a motivation and a drive to do big things and apassion for marketing and selling.  She took on a role with my agency as a Property Manager, and later progressed to full time Business Development Manager. In the beginning Tara had no idea what to do but knew she needed to do something. Through sheer determination, she spent countless hours getting educated, training herself and doing all that was necessary to be the best that she could be. Like anyone, she had her faults and her struggles, but her positive attitude and willingness to accept constructive criticism and openness to learning new things is what made her a cut above the rest.

During the 6 years that Tara worked with me, she built the numbers of my rent roll and therefore my net worth by far more than I could have every expected.  She helped to train and inspire other team members to greatness and nothing was ever too hard for her to tackle. There isn't a real estate trainer out there that could tell you how to build your rent roll better than she can, and I know this because I saw her do it. She is more passionate than anyone I know about what she does and I highly recommend her services. 

Jade Guilmartin, Wide Bay Prestige Properties