Tara from the BDM Academy has been a complete eye opener for me as I move forward in my BDM role! Since meeting with Tara and signing up on the Ultimate package, my way of thinking about the role of BDM is entirely different and I understand the importance of income producing activities and having an ideal day. I believe if you want to be the best then you should learn from someone who has had the experience and Knowing Tara’s past success as a BDM I knew I was engaging a trainer 100% focused on department growth. When I began 7 odd years ago there was no such training specialised for the ‘BDM’. Tara’s training has refreshed my mind set as a BDM, maintains my focus drive and ambition to hit my personal and team targets! I would highly recommend Tara’s packages to any Agency/BDM it is truly worth every single penny knowing a person that has been there, done it and succeeded.

Elle Osborne, Ray White