It has been a challenging and inspiring journey working under the mentorship of Tara Bradbury, BDM Academy. Having limited access to tailored resources, I have found Tara’s product to be fresh, positive & sitting on the cutting edge of the market. Tara has consistently guided and challenged me in practical areas and increased my confidence enabling me to transform weaker areas into successful achievements.  The BDM Academy has provided opportunity to relate to other BDM’s and professionals within the industry which now has created a network that allows me to absorb new ideas and updates on a constant time line, which has been priceless. Through the accountability, experience and innovations delivered by Tara Bradbury over the last 12 months, I have grown immeasurably on a professional level. Now with a stronger self-confidence I have set higher benchmarks to enable the success of my future career.

Elizabeth Hood, Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate QLD