Tara Bradbury from the BDM Academy is the only trainer that provides BDM specific training. Generally in our industry training is Property Management task focused and there have only been only occasional growth focused sessions to attend here in Australia. Tara’s content is a mix of fresh ideas and a vehicle for re-invigorating my enthusiasm to power through the tasks (like prospecting) that I already know I should be focused on. I have also found the one on one Skype training sessions, monthly webinars and Facebook group a great way to connect with other BDM’s and get a feel for what others are doing in the marketplace. In my area, and even across Sydney, I have had very little exposure to BDM professionals like myself, who are purely growth focused, so this opportunity to meet like minded people is another benefit of the program.

Tara as a Real Estate professional and BDM specialist is absolutely awesome. She is friendly, approachable and most importantly very knowledgeable. Skype sessions make the training easily accessible and so many ideas are squeezed into the session without compromising on some really in depth discussions. It is great that I can participate from my office and get implementing directly after a session. I have had access to pick Tara’s brain when required and I call on her for additional advice and she provides great feedback and tips. When it comes to my experience with Tara and the BDM Academy the numbers speak for themselves. In the previous calendar year I averaged 10.6 New Managements signed per month, since joining the BDM Academy Ultimate program I have signed 69% more new managements. The increased listing results were immediate and are continually increasing. If your agency is looking to rapidly grow their rent roll, learning from someone with Tara’s track record is a sure fire proven way to do it! I would 100% recommend Tara and the BDM Academy program and would be happy to discuss further with anyone who is considering investing in her training.

Kate Towerton, Harcourts Hills Living Real Estate