I personally appreciate the support from you, being in the same industry as BDM. It is good to cover all aspects of work and to learn from each other to make our business the best we can. The group discussions are excellent to target and resolve any problems that may occur.  Listening and comparing what other office’s charge and prospecting for business is very interesting. I do like the support and feedback I get from you Tara. This will also give Kerry peace of mind that business is taken being looked after. Since the training I am more motivated to the best I can within our office, manage time, prospecting and setting goals to expand my networking. The ongoing emails are good prompts to keep us on track and look at other avenues to help us. Our marketing structures are similar to your letters and prospecting. I know what I have to do and just keep consistent to keep the momentum continuous. I do believe this year will be better than the last and it can only improve.

Ana Tairua , Century 21