How to expand your network contacts

In the real estate world, we need to focus on expanding our network of contacts every day. Networking is about obtaining information and making contacts that will help grow the Property Management Department.

Networking events are popping up everywhere these days, but savvy BDMs already know that there are networking opportunities everywhere. The following tips can be applied to any type of setting including a breakfast or an evening event, sporting groups, a conference or a function. You will be surprised where you meet your biggest clients.

Attitude is everything in business development

To become a successful Business Development Manager (BDM), you must have the right attitude towards yourself, the team, the product and your clients. These four areas are a must. It only takes one to fall apart and the effectiveness of the BDM will diminish.

The establishment of the right attitude in a Property Management Department begins at the very top. As a BDM, you are a leader and your attitude reflects on your entire team. Even if you miss a listing, or an owner has a change of heart, you must find a way within yourself to stay positive and refocus on your next challenge.

5 common traits I believe highly successful BDMs follow on a daily basis

We all know the Business Development Manager (BDM) role is a sales-based position; however, everyone has their own particular style. In this article I have highlighted 5 common traits I believe highly successful BDMs follow on a daily basis.

Tip 1 – Create an Ideal Day

Have you ever dreamed of planning out your perfect day where every minute is spent in a productive manner?

How to become a successful BDM

BDM’s fear being seen as pushy sales people and we all know the landlords do not want to be hassled. If you make contact once a week and give value added information, you are not being pushy. 

BDM’s have a tendency to fall into the trap of telling themselves they are too busy to follow up. They will generally write down that they need to call someone for a follow up then let other Property Management issues get in the way. Make the time for these conversations to avoid missing out on possible business!

Wanting to gain a competitive edge as a BDM?

Creating genuine trust is the essence of building long lasting relationships. It should always be your primary goal, as a BDM, to create trust with the landlord without focusing on closing straight away. Once you start to see the landlord has trust in you, you will notice a change in their body language and conversation. This is then when you start with your closing questions and test the waters to see if they are ready.

Database contacts – Are they drowning or starving in your Real Estate Business?

If you take the time to nurture your contacts, they have the potential to give you referrals and ultimately become your clients.

In order to achieve this, you need to:

  • Meet with them
  • Make introductions for them
  • Give them useful ideas
  • Send them information

What you can achieve in return:

The rent roll growth pathway to success

What – The Having Value Stage

Who – The Communicating Value Stage

How – The Delivering Value Stage

The first stop on the path to successful business development is the Having Value Stage, where you stop and focus on your plan of attack.

Before we go out and attempt to convince others of the value we can create for them, we need to determine whether we have something of value to give?

Staying motivated in Real Estate

Even the most driven Real Estate Agents occasionally experience a slump and need a boost to regain their normal motivation levels.

It is well known that motivated agents are happier, more energetic, more enthusiastic, more productive, more driven and better performing than their unmotivated peers. Principals are always on the lookout for motivated individuals and realise that motivation is often contagious and has a positive spill over effect on the whole team. Below are my 7 methods to stay motivated at work and enhance performance.