Now more than ever, your Property Management Department is your most important asset in the Real Estate industry. In the last 3 years, the Business Development Manager position has become a hot topic and, when performed well, is very powerful in a PM Department.  Most Principals know a BDM is an extremely important component for growth in the PM department but are unsure on what they should be doing day to day.

What should an employer look for when filling the position of BDM?

Are you currently a good BDM who is striving to become a great one?

What makes a powerful BDM? what should you as the employer look for when filling the position?

  • They must be a confident networker capable of building strong relationships and someone who loves meeting new people.
  • They must be passionate about the department’s vision and believe in the product they are selling to the client.
  • They must understand the position is not a 9 to 5 role and be prepared to do deals after hours or on weekends.
  • They must have a competitive nature and be goal orientated.
  • They must have the ability to build and manage a large database.
  • They must be a team player and good communicator.
  • They must understand that, “no” doesn’t mean, “no”, it means, “not right now”.
  • They must be prepared to always think ahead of ways they can go the extra mile for themselves, the business and the client.

These traits were successful for me and many others. Once you have secured your BDM, make sure, as the Principal, you have a plan in place to ensure the success of your BDM. A good starting point is setting targets and making sure you have regular meetings to discuss any concerns or positive feedback you may have.