BDM Academy - Income producing activities & suggestions for personal ideal week

[*]   Allocate 30 minutes for checking emails & returning phone calls 3 time per day

[*]   Allocate time to promote & update advertising for vacant properties

[*]   Allocate time for appraisals, listing presentations & follow up

[*]   Allocate time for administrative duties (preparing contract, appraisals & listing kits) 

[*]   “Hour of power” or “call for leads session”

[*]   Attending networking events

[*]   Holding local business networking events (encourage professional services)

[*]   Hold focus groups, investor education events in your area or by webinar

[*]   PM department lead retention – 5 current landlords & 5 current tenant customer service phone surveys

[*]   Create blogs & monthly newsletters for VIP Investor Group

[*]   Follow up with tradespeople every 2 months

[*]   Sales Department lead retention – Call all new & past buy & seller leads the have come into the agency

[*]   Attend your sales team meetings

[*]   Build relationships with sales only office & attend team meetings

[*]   Meet with builders & developers

[*]   Create a professional social media profile & company page. Update once a day & share value added information with followers.

[*]   Website – check once a month to ensure it is up to date

[*]   Preparation time for editorial & gimmick advertising for local newspaper

[*]   Preparation time for prospecting letters & flyers

[*]   Door knocking around vacant properties

[*]   Coffee or lunch meetings with top referral clients

[*]   Get involved with local community & charity events

[*]   Preparation time for TV & Radio gimmick advertising