The journey, which I started four years ago, has shown me that you can have everything you want in this world if you are prepared to ask the tough questions.  My daughter Isabelle, who is now 19 months old, starts her day fully loaded with questions and she has no fear as to the response she may get or the impact that question may have on the person she is asking. 

She sees the world the way we used to when we were her age, and she never lets fear hold her back from asking the relevant questions. It makes me wonder how successful we might be as adults having that same approach. Imagine how effective we might be as Business Development Managers (BDMs) if we could tap into our inner child and let go of the fear. To start with, we wouldn’t have any fear when it came to asking for business and we certainly wouldn’t have any trouble justifying why we are worth every cent for our management fee.  

For me, this year is about taking charge and not being afraid to ask the important questions that will edge me closer to my goals and targets.When I think back on my career and remember how much the property management industry has transformed over the last decade or so, I’m reminded that technology has been an incredible enabler.

It’s enabled us to become better property managers and BDMs by streamlining our systems and efficiencies. However, while it’s enabled terrific productivity, it’s also created a few bad habits, too. As a result, agents and PMs can get caught in the trap of hiding behind emails. We’re in an era where if we feel nervous or uncomfortable about a situation, there’s generally a plethora of easier roads at our disposal. We can mask our fear by hiding behind our keyboard or our technology.

But I can tell you, the top performing BDMs all over the world never take the easy road. In fact, if they see the opportunity they will ask the hard questions. They go into a phone conversation or listing appointment with 100 per cent confidence in the brand, team and product or service.They experience frustration, missed business and disappointment every day but are always focused on the end goal. They are prepared to be held accountable, answer questions when required and take responsibility for their actions, but above all, they are prepared to ask the questions without the fear attached.

Just like Isabelle they are fearless, but they’re also worldly in experience. They know if they never ask the questions needed to get the prospect across the line they will never experience the feeling of achievement and subsequent success.I encourage you now to pick up the phone and make those tough calls you know you were meant to make days ago, but were too scared. Take responsibility for your actions and reactions in 2017, and I promise the opportunities ahead for you will be endless just like they are through the eyes of my daughter.