Plant Prospecting Seeds

Having the right mindset during your call connection sessions is what sets you apart from your competition. The way you approach the call will have a massive impact on how your prospect will respond on the other end of the line. 

You can get a lot of negative feedback from prospects when calling with the fear rejection or lack of responsiveness. As you experience this once, twice even ten times a day, you can begin to feel like what you have to share is not valuable or worth the commission you are offering.  This way of thinking will impact your level of confidence and what you say when talking with prospects.

The reality is that your products and services offer some sort of value and need to your prospect. However, you need to stay fully aware of the value you offer prior to picking up the phone and ensure your confidence has not been impacted from the previous call. By doing this you will have a high chance of increasing your brand awareness and prospecting pipeline.

When you are prospecting on the phone, you need to realize that you are not chasing and convincing prospects, you are trying to find the clients that need your help. Having this mindset can totally change how you view these conversations.

Part of shifting your mindset should include changing some of the language and words that you use. A BDM chasing prospects and trying to talk them into something will say something very different to a BDM that is looking for people that need their help.

Here are some examples of weak language that should be avoided as it doesn’t fit with a BDM that has a high level of value awareness.

  • “I’m sorry for the interruption”
  • “I’m sorry to bother you”
  • Have I caught you at a bad time?
  • “This will only take a few minutes”
  • “I know your busy right now”

You can make the change today by approaching your call connection session with the Planting Seeds mindset. When you plant seeds, you don't know which ones are going to sprout. So, you plant more seeds than needed give them the attention and care they need to produce a result.

Make today the day you take a positive and productive approach with your call connection sessions! Grow a strong and powerful prospecting pipeline to finish the second half of 2016 with a bang!