Turn Objections Into Opportunities

Turn Objections Into Opportunities

Business Development Managers it’s time to realise that it’s actually a good thing when prospects raise an objection. Regardless of which industry you work in, it’s highly likely you’ll be faced with a client, colleague or prospect who will raise objections – and instead of baulking or reacting, it’s time to embrace and face the objection and turn it on its head. In other words, don’t let objections control your overall performance.

The difference between a BDM and Property Manager

The difference between a BDM and Property Manager

We assume that one person who is good at one of these roles will be good at the other. Both roles are just property management, right? But in reality, the people who are capable of doing these two roles properly are very different and putting a great person from one side into the other role will give you and them a very disappointing outcome.

Wanting to know where you should spend your as a BDM?

BDM Academy - Income producing activities & suggestions for personal ideal week

[*]   Allocate 30 minutes for checking emails & returning phone calls 3 time per day

[*]   Allocate time to promote & update advertising for vacant properties

[*]   Allocate time for appraisals, listing presentations & follow up

[*]   Allocate time for administrative duties (preparing contract, appraisals & listing kits) 

[*]   “Hour of power” or “call for leads session”

[*]   Attending networking events


The journey, which I started four years ago, has shown me that you can have everything you want in this world if you are prepared to ask the tough questions.  My daughter Isabelle, who is now 19 months old, starts her day fully loaded with questions and she has no fear as to the response she may get or the impact that question may have on the person she is asking. 

Have you planned the ultimate Christmas party experience?

Congratulations you are responsible to prepare the annual Christmas party and you want it to be a huge success! Employees that are tired and stressed and more than ready for a workplace break may be hard to entice into spending even more time with one another, especially if the annual Christmas party has become a tired tradition.

Top 3 Takeaways from the National Round Table Event 2016

When I was an active BDM in the industry I had always wanted to be involved in a roundtable event where you could have an exclusive group of up to 20 top performing BDM’s across the country. However, this was never offered and I found while many conferences had BDM presenters I needed to attend sales training events to get the next level strategies to ensure I was on track with my growth path and new business secured each month.